The Divorce Surgery is a different, better way to separate.

Instead of appointing your own lawyers, one impartial and experienced family law barrister advises you both as to the way a court would view your case.

You are then each in a position to come to an agreement which is fair.

This short circuits the current legal process saving you time, money and enabling you to part in a dignified and non-confrontational way. 

Founded by two experienced and specialist family law barristers, The Divorce Surgery is authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

The Process


These are short sessions held by the barrister with each of you separately. The purpose is to ensure you each understand the process and wish to instruct us jointly.



You will meet the barrister, together and be given the bracket of outcomes a court would be likely to consider fair. Following the session you will each receive a written summary of the advice, and in a financial case, an asset schedule.