The Process

The Divorce Surgery process involves two meetings, starting with brief Introductory Sessions for each of you on a separate basis, followed by a joint Advice Session. Couples can instruct us directly, or alongside seeing solicitors or during mediation. But there is no need to see a solicitor or mediator before you instruct us. Our view is the earlier our service is accessed, the more effective it can be.

Introductory Session

These are short sessions held by the barrister free of charge with each of you separately. The purpose of the Introductory Sessions is for us to ensure you each understand the process and wish to instruct us jointly. It is also an opportunity for each of you to ask us any initial queries, to go through the paperwork you will need to submit and for us to assess whether there is any factor which would make you as a couple unsuitable for The Divorce Surgery process, for example if one of you thinks the other is hiding assets or, in an international case, if there may be a jurisdictional dispute. Please note legal advice is only given at the Advice Session when you are both present.

Advice Session

You will meet the barrister, together, for an in-depth and tailored analysis of your case. This will last around two hours, on a date convenient to you. You will both be given specialist legal advice as to the range of options and identify the bracket of outcomes a court would be likely to consider fair. Following the session you will each receive a written summary of the advice, and in a financial case, an asset schedule.

You may choose to have more than one Advice Session, for example if you want advice on both financial and child arrangements (which would not be dealt with in the same session), or if finances are particularly complex.


The total fee for the service is £4,750 (plus VAT) per couple.  The fee may increase for cases with net assets over £1m or where finances are particularly complex.

We want to make sure this is the right service for you. For this reason the Introductory Sessions are free of charge, and no fee is payable until you both confirm your wish to proceed to the Advice Session.

The Bar Council has issued guidance for the public on the benefits of instructing barristers directly. If you would like to read their guildance please click here.