When both parties are armed with impartial, expert advice, divorce does not need to be a battle.

Too often as barristers in the traditional divorce process we have seen divorces becoming unnecessarily protracted and unpleasant because there is a (real or perceived) gender or power imbalance. Mistrust can easily build if one party instructs a lawyer first or chooses a more expensive firm.

The Divorce Service’s innovative solution is that both parties get the same expert, impartial advice from the same lawyer from the start. We are the only regulated service to offer this. The couple will leave our service in an equivalent position, knowing what is legally fair and possible in their particular situation. 


As lawyers we believe in access to justice as a fundamental right, not a privilege. We donate 1% of our profits to charities which promote access to justice for all.


Instead of being instructed by one party, we accept instructions from couples together as to what is fair for them both. We don't take sides.

We are regulated by the Bar Standards Board, as are all of our barristers. Our clients can place confidence in our service.

We conduct ourselves responsibly and in an ethical manner, empowering our clients to do the same.


We are currently the only service in the country to offer joint impartial advice to couples. We believe this is a service which should be available to all families. We widely promote not only our service but all services which enable separating couples to get early expert advice, which we believe is crucial to successful separations.

Government: We were invited by the Ministry of Justice to their consultation on no fault divorce, and have met with a number of Members of Parliament promoting the need for early legal advice for separating families.

Business: We can advise responsible businesses on how better to support colleagues and employees who are going through divorce.

Media: We regularly write and are quoted in mainstream press and academic publications, and our co-founder Samantha Woodham was recently interviewed on BBC Business Live.