The Divorce Surgery proposed to be part of a National Alliance to keep children cases out of court

We are very honoured to be named as a national agency in the Supporting Separated Families Alliance for Resolving Issues between Parents, alongside @FMC, @Resolution and @TheLawSociety

Mr Justice Cobb has this week published a report proposing an important and fundamental review of the way children cases are dealt with by the family courts. The aim is to staunch the flow of the increasing numbers of families who end up in court, but really shouldn’t be there.

As the report states:

“Parties in family breakdown crave information about where they stand legally and what their options are... Research consistently shows that parental conflict, often aggravated by court process, is harmful to children… We have focused on seeking to divert appropriate cases of conflictual family breakdown away from court- not merely because the court system is stretched to breaking point (and beyond) by current case volumes, but because we genuinely believe that out-of-court services will offer better solutions for many families whose differences are more amenable to negotiated or conciliated agreement”

We couldn’t have put it better.