The 5 worst things you can say during divorce negotiations

Samantha Woodham, Co-Founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes today for Female First setting out her experience of the 5 worst things to say in those all important negotiations. One of the many pitfalls of the adversarial process which can now be avoided with The Divorce Surgery’s unique service.

Living apart but not divorced- does it make for an easier life?

Samantha Woodham, co-founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes for Female First about why some couples are opting to live apart rather than get divorced, and the legal risks of doing so.

"The reality is that many couples have no interest in a court room drama and simply want to draw a line under their relationship in a fair and dignified way."

What the Ant-Lisa split teaches us about lifetime maintenance

Harry Gates, Co-founder of The Divorce Surgery writes for Spear’s Magazine about the TV Presenter’s headline grabbing divorce that shines light on the science behind alimony.

Harry also states that The Divorce Surgery aligns expectations from the beginning, leading to quicker settlements, reduced spend on legal costs and a more harmonious less adversarial approach to divorce.

ABS entrants seek to reduce cost of divorce

The Divorce Surgery is mentioned in the Law Gazette as one of the alternative business structures that could reshape the family law landscape by making the separation process less acrimonious and more efficient.

Co-founder Samantha Woodham says she hopes the surgery 'will align expectations better'.

Why divorcing couples and families need to find alternatives

Samantha Woodham, co-founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes today in the FT Adviser about ‘Why divorcing couples and families need to find alternatives.’

While divorce is usually emotional it does not have to be ugly or exorbitantly costly, and while some slow progress is being made in divorce law, there is also a practical alternative for couples right now - says leader in the field Samantha Woodham.

Assets are not split 50/50, and four other myths about divorce

Samantha Woodham, co-founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes today in The Independent about divorce myths, and the fact that increasing numbers of couples are keen to explore their options, and not be channeled from day one into separate legal camps.

The Divorce Surgery offers unique and new service for couples

For any couple, divorce can be a protracted, stressful process.  ‘Our adversarial legal system works very well for corporates and companies, but for families in crisis it is a nightmare’ says Samantha Woodham, who first hatched the idea for The Divorce Surgery after an informal, practical advice session with unhappy friends headed a potentially expensive divorce process off at the pass.