Getting divorced under 35?

Co-Founder of The Divorce Surgery, Samantha Woodham, writes today in Female First with some tips for young couples facing divorce. Social media can put undue pressure on young people to lead the ‘perfect’ life. But nobody’s life is perfect, and the healthiest response to an unhealthy relationship is to address what is wrong. If that means divorce, choose the divorce that is right for you, and leaves you most able to rebuild financially and emotionally on the other side.

The Divorce Surgery is invited to the Ministry of Justice to contribute to discussion on No Fault Divorce reform

Co-founders Harry and Samantha attended the MOJ last night to contribute their views on the Government’s no-fault divorce proposals. We support all proposals which reduce conflict for separating families, and the removal of the need to cast blame in the divorce process is a necessary first step. We look forward to receiving the Government’s response in due course.

Rise of the 'silver splitters': particular considerations for those divorcing over the age of 55

The number of people divorcing over the age of 55 has more than doubled. Samantha Woodham, co-founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes in The Telegraph about the particular considerations the so-called ‘silver splitters’ need to be aware of when negotiating a divorce settlement.

The 5 worst things you can say during divorce negotiations

Samantha Woodham, Co-Founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes today for Female First setting out her experience of the 5 worst things to say in those all important negotiations. One of the many pitfalls of the adversarial process which can now be avoided with The Divorce Surgery’s unique service.

Living apart but not divorced- does it make for an easier life?

Samantha Woodham, co-founder of The Divorce Surgery, writes for Female First about why some couples are opting to live apart rather than get divorced, and the legal risks of doing so.

"The reality is that many couples have no interest in a court room drama and simply want to draw a line under their relationship in a fair and dignified way."