Why choose The Divorce Surgery?

How our service is different.

When it comes to dividing financial resources and making arrangements for children, the traditional routes for couples are:

  1. Work it out themselves, sometimes with the help of trusted friends, online tools or a mediator, but in a legal advice vacuum; or

  2. Each appoint separate solicitors.

So couples are either forced to negotiate without legal advice or are channelled into an adversarial process where they are each advised by different professionals. Because of client privilege, they are completely excluded from the advice being provided to the other.

We give couples a third option, giving them access to joint advice as to the range of likely outcomes in terms of their financial and/or child arrangements.  The advice is given by one of The Divorce Surgery's specialist family law barristers.

This turns the current model on its head.  Instead of risking a long, expensive, adversarial process to get the answer at the end, The Divorce Surgery will advise you of the likely outcome at the beginning.  This will enable you to cut to the chase, reach a mutually acceptable agreement and move on with your lives.

The discussions are constructive and discreet, and suitable for couples at all stages of separation: from those only considering separation as an option, perhaps alongside marriage counselling, to those already involved in divorce litigation.

Why is this a better model than each instructing your own lawyer?

  • As a couple you are both getting the same impartial advice. This gives you the best possible opportunity to reach agreement. There is much less prospect of one or both parties being tied to unrealistic expectations.

  • The advice is from experts who are leaders in their field. The Divorce Surgery was founded by two respected family barristers and has access to a wealth of talent, including Queen’s Counsel.

  • There is no imbalance of power: you as a couple are jointly instructing the same expert.

  • You, together, are in control: the process is dignified and non-confrontational. The focus of the divorce shifts from being adversarial to a joint approach.

  • You will be much more likely to get to a quick, and mutually acceptable, settlement. When the legal advice has been given you will each have the information you need to reach a fair deal.

  • It is considerably cheaper, and quicker, than each appointing your own lawyers from day one. You are sharing the costs of utilising The Divorce Surgery. You will have to get your financial paperwork together before the Advice Session, thereby saving significant time for any future solicitor should you decide to instruct one. Negotiations should be faster and more collaborative.

  • You get a quote for the full service at the start. You will not be faced with open-ended costs.

  • It is not a pressured environment. The Advice Session you attend is not a negotiation or mediation, rather the barrister will give you tailored and expert advice which you can then consider and use to reach an agreement in your own time.

  • The Divorce Surgery and its barristers are regulated by the Bar Council and the Bar Standards Board. Please be aware that not all organisations offering 'legal services' are regulated. We are. We have strict professional rules by which we abide, giving you the benefit of consumer protection and the backing of a professional conduct regime built up over centuries.

The Divorce Surgery offers advice on a huge range of family law issues for married and unmarried couples alike: from division of their finances, to living, financial and educational arrangements for their children. Advice can only be provided in respect of the laws of England and Wales.